Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 4 - 0 for 3 (Eligible for Astros Batting Order)

Cheyenne WY to Sheridan WY - 325 Miles
September 9, 2013

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Got an early start this morning.  Up, finished breakfast and on the road by 7:15am.  Cloudy, overcast morning, but blessedly cool after the front came through.  So cool, in fact, I decided I needed to armor up.  Looking at the sky I decided I'd probably run into a few showers so on with the riding togs and the rain togs.  It's a measure of how cool it was that I was snug as a bug even when the sprinkles began.  Never felt one drop of water except when I raised the helmet shield to see if it was still sprinkling hard enough to keep it on.

The day was cool, and I had the great Wyoming scenery to view.

Wind sculpture

My planned stop today was Fort Fetterman just north of Douglas, WY.  The fort was created on the south side of the North Platte River in 1867 and was a major jumping off point for several major military expeditions against warring Indian tribes.  The fort was named for Captain William J. Fetterman, a veteran of the Civil War who, seemingly like Custer, was more enamored of his and his troop's abilities vis-a-vis the Indians than elemental caution would dictate.  Like Custer, he paid with his life, taking 80 of his troops with him in 1866. (See: Fetterman_Fight)

In May 1876 three forces converged to attack the Sioux; from Fort Ellis in the west the Montana Column was led by Colonel John Gibbon, from Fort Abraham Lincoln in the east the Dakota Column, containing the 7th Calvary (Custer), was led by General Alfred Terry, and, from Fort Fetterman in the south, 15 companies (~1000 men) led by General George Crook, The Yellowstone Expedition, marched on 29 May.

My reception upon reaching Fort Fetterman.

Perhaps this is more clear.

Didn't matter.  I usually pay the day fee to walk around the site and see the views the participants had back in their time.

View of the terrain from the entrance of the fort.  Betsy had seen enough, so we moved northward again.

Pulled into Sheridan about 3:30pm, the early stop dictated by "Laundry Nite." 

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