Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 8 - More of the Same

Lander, WY to Steamboat Springs, CO - 287 Miles
September 13, 2013

On the road by 7:30am looking at rain all day long.  The weather didn't disappoint.  Other than getting "Garmined" again, nothing much happened.

What's "Garmined?"  Well, it's like this.  Traveling US287 toward Rawlins, WY my route was mapped as follows:
I was instructed to turn right on US287.  But, first, I needed gas so I pulled into the gas station I've denoted on the picture.  I didn't pay attention to the Garmin Lady (I use that term loosely) screaming "Recalculating!", "Recalculating."  I remember thinking, why?, figure it out.
Anyway, as I pulled out of the station I started to turn left and the Garmin Bitch began yelling "Turn right on WY220, turn right on WY220."  I stopped and sort of scratched my head and then did the totally stupid thing, I listened to the bitch.  I turned right thinking, we'll she must know what she was talking about.  I now realize that she didn't have a f*&^ing clue.  I tooled down the road passing several places where I could have been instructed, or, better yet, decided this was crazy and turned around myself, but I heard nothing from the now-oh-so-rarely silent "voice from hell."  Imagine my surprise when EIGHTEEN miles, that's EIGHTEEN f*&^ing miles down the road the voice comes back to life and say turn right on WY220 in 1.2 miles then displays a screen showing me a rest area with the dreaded U-Turn symbol.

The only thing that makes sense is the damn machine decided when I went straight about 300 yds to get gas I no longer wished that route and wanted a new one.  But, then, why didn't it give me one? Why did it go EIGHTEEN f*&^ing miles down the road to decide "hey, this shit ain't working?"  I'm sure I'll never know because the only thing worse than their unintuitive software is their customer service.  They couldn't spell customer service if you spotted them six letters of each word.  Memo to Garmin: Up Yours!

 My usual scenery for the day.  Except, usually it was over me but just sprinkling.  I'm not complaining.  Much of the state east of me is getting hammered.

Believe it or not, this represented a clearing up.  The scene above was to my left (east) while this was to the south.  It actually stopped raining until I arrived in Steamboat Springs.

I'm concerned about the shape of the roads south of here so thought I'd spend the night here and check 'em out.  There have been reports of many mud and/or boulder slides and road blockages because of the "Biblical" rains they've been having.  I'm not buying into that appellation; haven't seen any animals pairing up at all.

Sorry there's no good pictures.

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